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Netlify praise

I was looking for a free hosting solution for my small SPA experiments, the blog and a landing page. I’ve experimented with zeithq , Google’s and Surge and each had their issues.

  1. - doesn’t allow custom domains on free plan. Shows source code, have to re-alias on each deploy, performance was surprisingly bad (considering they describe their service as having SPDY HTTP/2 support, CDN and auto scaling)
  2. Firebase - can only host one app on a domain, otherwise - SSL breaks and you cannot use it anymore.
  3. Surge - very good, speedy, super nice support channel. Had some issues with SSL, but can be resolved. Downside - deployment is manual.

The tool I’ve stopped on is - Netlify

These guys are amazing. They provide an automatically deployed hosting service - just specify your Git repo (they even support private GitLab repositories, additional kudos), build command and output folder name - and on each git push their system will pick up your project, run ‘npm install’ and whatever build command you specify and deploy the output folder to your requested domain.

They provide unlimited custom domains on the free account with Let’s Encrypt SSL.

The service is really fast and I couldn’t by happier. A+++

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