Creating a TFS Build Status Bot for Microsoft Teams

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Taming webhooks
At work we are using Microsoft Teams and on-premises Team Foundation Server. I thought it would be nice to receive notifications from the failed CI builds into the channel on Teams, but unfortunally there was no such feature in TFS, so I decided to whip one up using Webhooks. Here’s how you can do the same. Step 1 Near your channel name in Teams, press the three dots ‘…’ and click ‘Connectors’.


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Netlify praise
I was looking for a free hosting solution for my small SPA experiments, the blog and a landing page. I’ve experimented with zeithq , Google’s and Surge and each had their issues. - doesn’t allow custom domains on free plan. Shows source code, have to re-alias on each deploy, performance was surprisingly bad (considering they describe their service as having SPDY HTTP/2 support, CDN and auto scaling) Firebase - can only host one app on a domain, otherwise - SSL breaks and you cannot use it anymore.